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The Team

Portrait of Ron Tiberg-Shachar

Ron Tiberg-Shachar


A senior executive, with versatile tech, legal, and business experience.

Served for a decade in several tech units in the IDF (Mamram, Cyber Defense Division, IMoD’s MAFAT), worked with Israel’s Former Cabinet Secretary and current Israeli MP, Zvi Hauser, and Served as VP for Corporate Development, COO, and Board Member at the Cortica Group (AI-focused companies).

Portrait of Dor Shmaryahu

Dor Shmaryahu


A seasoned technological expert, with vast experience in the development of IT systems and cyber security platforms. 

Served in the largest software house in the IDF, Matzpen, and Mamram, leading technological experts and developing advanced cyber security standards and architecture for the cloud, and later on, as a software team lead at ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI).

Portrait of Or Shwartz

Or Shwartz


A cyber security and encryption expert with over 12 years of experience in developing complex cyber security and encryption applications, including as an officer at Matzov (IDF’s Center of Encryption and Information Security), and as a product manager at Otorio and Redis Labs, leading the development of cyber security solutions for OT, IoT and IT platforms.

Portrait of Lionel Richard Saposnik

Lionel Richard Saposnik


A cybersecurity expert with over nine years of experience, conducting and managing red teams, penetration testing, incident response investigations, and research work over various technologies and platforms. Led the research team at Matzov (IDF’s Center of Encryption and Information Security) and Otorio, for IT, OT, and Cloud platforms.

Portrait of Ofek Dadush

Ofek Dadush


An IoT security expert, with experience in managing development aspects of security products from inception to global release, in companies such as Microsoft, Check Point and NICE.

Led technology teams and projects in a wide range of fields, including ML, Data Engineering, Software Engineering, BI, 3rd party integrations and more.
Holds B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Computer Science with Magna cum Laude distinction.

Portrait of Jonathan Fridja

Jonathan Fridja


A full-stack engineer, expert in developing applications and SaaS platforms with over six years of experience. Served in the Israeli Air Force and in multiple Fintech companies and banks, including Capitolis (FinTech Unicorn), developing various systems and helping solve and automate data-driven processes.

Portrait of Doron Porath

Doron Porath


Served as software engineer in the IDF 8200 unit. Led the design and development of a new-generation infrastructure visibility and research platform from idea to production. with deep understanding and experience in cyber security and expertise in network and protocols analysis.

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