National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program

Maximize your EV charging site’s eligibility for the NEVI Formula Program and meet the cybersecurity needs of EV charging infrastructure

What is "NEVI"

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (“NEVI”) Formula Program, derived out of the $5B US Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), will allocate funds to states for the purpose of strategically deploying electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and creating an interconnected network to enhance data collection, accessibility, and reliability.

In order to be eligible for the NEVI funds, EV charging sites must incorporate response and recovery strategies to secure public investment.

Saiflow cyber-security solution helps partners to secure their EV charging sites and the respective NEVI federal grants. Fill out the form to connect with a Saiflow expert today.

Cybersecurity requirements and details to secure NEVI funding
  • Ensure the software updates integrity, preventing the stations or EVs from being compromised by malicious code.
  • Verify that an EV doesn’t infect other stations during future charges.
  • Meet state regulations and requirements for data protection and privacy.
  • Protect the charging network from unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, or modification.
  • Set protocols to notify the governing state of any security breach.
  • Provide third-party cybersecurity tests and reports.
  • Formulate a Data Management Plan.
  • Mitigate adverse impacts on the electric grid.
  • Control stranded assets and protect the investment of public funds in that infrastructure.

Book Your NEVI Assessment

Saiflow supports the EV charging site from the get-go with network analysis, cybersecurity-safeguards implementation and helps you pass the NEVI privacy and cyber impact assessments

Partner with Saiflow to meet NEVI compliance requirements


Ensure high availability, resiliency, and data integrity


Formulate a Data Management Plan


Mitigate adverse impacts on the electric grid


Provide cybersecurity tests and reports


Protect and control software updates and ensure the station code integrity


Avoid stranded assets and have full visibility into the network


Prepare for cyber breaches with full log collection and audit logs


Provide industry-grade encryption and authentication

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