SaiFlow and Check Point Software Technologies Partner to Secure EV Charging Sites and Distributed Energy Networks

The rapid adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) has spurred the growth of EV Charging Stations and Distributed Energy Resources installations. However, these energy networks, with their unique architecture, devices, and standardized protocols (such as the OCPP, OCPI, etc.), face significant cybersecurity threats and risks due to their dependence on vast internet connectivity and cloud platforms for management.

These new distributed energy networks lack the proper cybersecurity solutions and know-how to safeguard them against embedded vulnerabilities, configuration flaws, and targeted cyber attacks. Exactly for that, SaiFlow’s SaaS platform provides comprehensive easily-to-deploy cybersecurity solutions, including the abilities of risk management, cyber monitoring, energy anomalies detection, and attack prevention, all incorporating smart-grid and sensor data in establishing the baselines, correlations, and anomalies of these networks. 

For the additional use cases of having on-site networks embedded within the charging and distributed energy infrastructure, we partnered with Check Point to provide a complete end-to-end cybersecurity solution suite for these energy networks.

With Check Point’s Security Gateway capabilities and Check Point IoT Protect, a solution that protects generic Internet of Things (IoT) Cyber attacks, SaiFlow’s customers can now leverage the strengths of both organizations and protect their energy and charging networks by integrating SaiFlow’s contextualized network visibility and monitoring together with Check Point’s Security Gateway prevention capabilities to deliver full network protection and visibility.

The collaboration includes full end-to-end integration with Check Point’s cloud platform, allowing minimal to zero deployment effort. The discovery of energy-related assets and configuration of tailored firewall rules are done by SaiFlow’s platform and the enforcement of network traffic is on Check Point’s Gateway, all the insights from SaiFlow and Check Point’s platform are being streamed into Saiflow’s management system.

Integration Architecture: Showing site and the connection between SaiFlow’s and Check Point’s Cloud Platforms.

The integration of the SaiFlow and Check Point solutions provides distributed energy and EV charging sites with the following enhanced protections:

Automated firewall policies tailored to your network and charging site:

Utilizing SaiFlow’s deep know-how in EV charging and distributed energy networks with IoT Protect’s automatic best practice enforcement, SaiFlow’s platform automatically creates tailored “allow-list” firewall policies to minimize your network exposure without hurting operation and availability.

Tailored Firewall rules management page, showing recommended rules to add.

Detect and Respond to Threats and View All Alerts Under a Unified System:

SaiFlow’s platform retrieves, in real-time, all Check Point’s network logs and insights then combines it with its posture management, energy observability, and enhanced monitoring to detect any suspicious activities and unrecognized outbound traffic. All the data is visible on SaiFlow’s platform to further investigate cyber incidents.

Alert page, showing an alert that was based on logs from Check Point’s Gateway

Full visibility of your EV Charging and Energy network:

SaiFlow’s platform together with Check Point discovers all assets and network policies across the entire energy and charging network. SaiFlow’s platform automatically maps and builds a comprehensive network map of your entire energy infrastructure. You can easily view the network structure, quickly pinpoint all network segmentation issues, and mitigate the risk efficiently.

Asset Management Page, combining energy-related assets with network and general IoT assets.

To learn more, download the integration solution brief here

Solution Brief

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